Catch the heat

Ladies Las Vegas is coming to you! We are turning up the temperature accross Europe.

Las Vegas style show has some of Europe top and hottest male dancers. These men aren’t shy to show off their chiseled abs, buns of steel or their seductive moves. Their boy-next-door charm, taunting humor and bad boy attitude will turn up the heat in any room.

When you scream for more, these sexy guys will bring it. Each performance has a unique style to fit any woman’s fantasy. Whether you’re into cowboys wearing little more than a hat or a street hip hop artist with break dancing moves that could kill, you will find it in our performances. We are not afraid to think outside the box with continually fresh choreography

If you’re expecting a simple strip show you won’t find it here. These five performers have over 28 years of combined dance experience! The 1.30 – 2.00 hour Las Vegas style show is high-energy, exciting and almost all-inclusive. Almost all-inclusive you ask? Crowd participation, an entertainer’s meet-and-greet and hot swag all bring the show to life! These studs will stop at nothing to give you the full experience as they make their way through the crowd, dance on tabletops and look for lucky ladies to join them on stage.

Be a part of the action or just take in a great show, our entertainers guarantee a high-energy performance from start to finish.  This is the ultimate bachelorette party, divorce party, birthday party or just a girl’s night out!

Our Mens


Creative Director / Choreographer / Model / Dancer

Armony is head of his own Male Empire Night out show troupe. More than two years he had travelled across the U.S with one of most requested dance group “Girls Night Out the Show – Las Vegas male revue”, where he danced impressive and sexually hot dance shows. Also he danced and made dance shows for the Canadian Heet male revue troupe.

If anyone can dance dirty, it’s Armony. He is the epitome of sexuality, he brings high energy and dance experience to create performances that are amazing, exciting, unusual and passionate. His impressive glance, 8 pack abs and sexy dance moves make you crazy. Armony brings you in new fantasy world… Don’t resist, feel it!

Strip Dance / Hip-Hop / Street Dance / Waving / New Style / Popping / Lady Style / L.A Style / Go-Go Dance 


Entertainer / Model / Dancer

Damn, Ladies! The Bad Boss Markess will show you how to work hard! This guy is not shy at all. He loves life, challenges and women.

Mark is a joyful person with lots of fun in his life. He has passion for sports, dancing and parties. His personality shows some daring quality. He doesn’t like to limit himself so he’s constantly on the move. Being also a good actor, he has taken part in several TV shows and videos.

Ladies, get ready! This fit, athletic, sexy body and dirty moves will make your dreams naughtier.

Strip Dance / Hip-Hop / Classic Dance 


Entertainer / Dancer / Model

Music, moves, dance – these three words are OJ’s world. He really been in love with Hip-Hop / Choreography Dance Styles. Over the years his dancing lifestyle has been mixing with fitness and healthy lifestyle. OJ works with himself hard and lot of time spend dancing and visiting gym to look awesome on the stage. His goal is to dance so hot for ladies that they become wet. And he can do it.

He has been trying many different jobs, and work unusual job, but not so long time because he has big future plans which he keep in secret.

Almost every end of the day he appear looking at himself in mirror and doing what he can do the best – dancing. He lives by himself and enjoy it fully. He loves to control his life and be independent, assertive and focus on his things.

Strip Dance / Hip-Hop / Go-Go Dance 


Entertainer / Model / Dancer

From childhood Electro is fascinated by the different varieties of sport. When first time he saw a video of Parkour, he got interested and started to practice it. Now he is extreme and exotic sports lover. He loves bungee jumping, surfing, skydiving and other extreme and exotic things.

He can be described by a short sentence – “If you have a chance don’t waste it”. He tries everything that life gives to him. This extreme sport lover can dance breakdance, sport dances, and hot dances for ladies so good that the temperature increases up in room. To get so fascinating body, he practices powerlifting in profession level.

Life is too short to say NO, and we live once, so Electro takes all chances – lives and enjoys his life fully.

Strip Dance / Acrobatic / Parkour


Entertainer / Men’$ MC and DJ / Dancer / Model

Ladies be ready for a hot and amazing explosion of music set, which provided by the charming and charismatic DJ Gustavito! Will be hot and full with suprises!

DJ Gustavito is one of the most popular and experienced Djs in Latvia. During the 15 years of his career he has developed a variety of musical styles.

He has performed his sets at the largest Latvian clubs and festivals, and has also appeared as a guest DJ at various clubs in countries such as The United States, Thailand, France, Great Britan, Finland, Russia, Belarus,Spain and the Baltic States.